Best kitchen gadget 2017


The best kitchen gadget for 2017.

  1. We all now that feeling, when you have one half of avocado left and you put it in your fridge. And the next day it looks like old pile of shit? We think that this invation is the second biggest thing after people landed on the moon. We calling it avacodo prosthesis, best gadget for keeping avocado fresh.

2. One Step Corn Stripper, for those who can’t live without corns. Your dreams come true, now your days will be much more easier.

3. Summer came like a wrecking ball. Use your watermelions as your wrecking ball. Ok just kidding. This wonderful gadget will make your watermelion like little popsicle.

4. Automatic Juice Drink Dispenser. Whose old days when you needed to raise your juice bottle to pure your drink in your glass is over. This super cool gadget will fill your glasses in matter of seconds.

5. French Fry Cone with Dipping is the best gift for the frensh fries lovers. What can be better, french fries and dipping all in one. Just take, dip and eat.

6. Lemon sprayer, we think this is the best invention in the world, second best thing after invention of eletricity.

7. Cute Sponge Holder. We all like when our kitchen is clean and tidy. When everything in kitchen has it’s own place and as always the sponge is always thing without the place. Cute sponge holder will help you to solve this problems.

8. Lid Spill Stopper / Pot Cover – no more problems! Less talking, just look at this thing, no more spills on the oven.

9. And the last, but not the worst gadget -Baking Mould Soap Mold Spoof Birthday Cake Decoration Kitchen Gadget Double. If you like to bake cakes, this one perfect for you. Small bussines idea, just start cake baking bussines for hen parties.


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